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Real Men Wear Plaid!

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Pics from my wedding;

Guess who...

Warm-up run.

Up she comes!

We had to do the 'pose with the bikes' shots.

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Does your wife know you whore yourself out? Seriously though great pics and your wife rides AWESOME!!!!
Yeah, and now that I'm making moulds of my top fairing, I'm a caulk whore, lol. Using silicone II caulking for the moulds until I can get a gallon jug of the proper mould silicone.
Good on ya! I just got married myself (second time around!) She doesn't ride, but loves to be a passenger. Nice kilt!
Congratulations Kuhlka!!!

Your wife is beautiful! You are a lucky man.
Holy 5 years ago batman.
aww the pics arnt working :C
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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