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Does anyone know if rearsets from other makes will fit on the S3s?

I ask because I've been awaiting a "deal" on some aftermarket rearsets to pop up somewhere for my 03 and it just ain't happening. I'm wondering if, say, gsxr rearsets might fit. It would open up a lot more options.

Anyone? ???
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Perhaps we could get a groupbuy arranged with PJ's for Rizomas...
I don't know about overall "fit", but I measured the bolt hole pattern on a Honda 929 the other day and it was the same. Just because a buddy of mine who has one was right there and I was bitching about my broken rear set.

In any case, Super big thanks to Goffe for donating his old factory set to the cause! Everybody send him a beer! :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
crashmasterd said:
I don't know about overall "fit", but I measured the bolt hole pattern on a Honda 929 the other day and it was the same. ....
Looking at the pic of the 929 rearset on the OSF web-site, even if the hole spacing is similar, you can see that the relationship of them to each other is quite different: on the 929 the mounting holes are ~ vertically aligned, whereas on the Triumph, the lower one is quite a bit forward.
This would have the effect that the mounting plate would no longer be aligned in the hroizontal/vertical planes & the footpeg would be lower for any given mounting position.

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Rearsets, I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention. :wave:
What would you guys think about a very simplified rearset "adaptor plate" (think just the many-holed plate in the pic above) that would bolt to the Triumph stock pegs mounts and allow a few (3-4) different rearset positions with the stock pegs/levers?

It would be cheap as hell (relatively) to make, but it may move the pegs out from the frame 3/8" (~10mm). Obviously, I would have to come up with a longer shift rod, but that would also be easy.

Any interest in something like that, or is everyone dead set on spending the bucks for LSL's or Rizomas or some other chi-chi stuff?
I would be VERY interested in something like that. I know racecomp had something like that from a different post at TRAT but I haven't heard back from him after several attempts (I'm sure there is a logical reason) at PMing and emailing his website. I'm not unhappy with the look of the stock rearsets... I just want a setup that will be easier with the lower bars I've got on my bike.
The 03 rearsets are pretty arse-looking and I want to eventually replace them with Gilles Tooling rearsets, Rizoma, or LSL. Right now I'm leaning toward Gilles...
I always try to reply to my emails that come from my site, I’m done with T-rat, so no joy with PM's from that site. The moderators are piss weak!!! Deleting posts that are trying to help some one with information is just not on!!! The :jerkoff: :jerkoff: can :gtfo: :gtfo:and :smiley-asskiss: :smiley-asskiss:

Try again, I do get a lot of emails a day and it’s not easy to reply to all of them.

I made these a while back, jack plates that fit all models from 97/07 Speedy’s and Daytona’s. I’m not making any of them at the moment; we are part way through a new workshop layout. So we will have some nice CNC parts available to the Triumph range like rear sets, jack up plates, some new style CNC GSXR/Triumph triple clamps and lockstop kits.
Hey Racecomp,
That tiny little muffler is very cool! Is it as loud as it looks? Has to be a flame thrower! Very cool.
Hell, those are nice. That'd look nice with a set of Attack rearsets.

Attack are obviously the cheapest, but non-adjustable. Followed by OSF, but they're rather plain looking. Gilles are fully adjustable, cheaper, and probably a lot easier to get ahold of than Rizoma... Decisions decisions.
OSF used pics of my bike on their web site............ah well, at least they should've put 'em in the 05-07 section.
Kuhlka, I've read somewhere that the Gilles sets are rather weak, not sure how true it is but something to keep in mind. Maybe a bit of digging on the 'net would confirm/deny.

Consider also Sato
I don't like the look of Sato and they're nearly $500. I have to assume the weak point on the Gilles sets are the pegs as the rest looks really beefy.
Hey Racecomp! Those jack plates are exactly what I was looking to try. A nice new set of rearsets would be sweet but at the moment price is a definite concern and getting the feet up and back a bit is my primary purpose is seeking out soutions

I'd seen the OSF's on ebay in the $200 range and probably should have jumped on some. At the time $200 was too much for me to try to sneak past the ol' lady though.

It seems that there has to be another sport bike out there somewhere with the same fit as the S3. If we could just find one then we could probably open up our selection and price range significantly. I just can't seem to find anything on the subject online.

Let us know what you come up with racecomp. Oh, and sweet can you've got on that bike. Where did you get it?
I'll keep you posted with updates on the jack plates.

I made the can, the cops can here you ten miles away. :smitty: :smitty: :smitty: :smitty:
I too would be interested in a set of them Racecomp, look great, or the Rizoma group buy if the price was right!
Count me in as a vote for a set of jack up plates.
Yo, Racecomp.... any word on them jack up plates?? ???
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