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Start with eliminating the secondary air injection (SAI). You can remove the solenoid, block off the reed valves, and instal a non-SAI tune... or you can simply tape over the SAI port in the airbox.

If you are getting one LOUD bang under deceleration, you need to reduce fuel under deceleration (reduce fueling in steps below - use minus sign "-" in front of number in L tables).
If you are getting many small pops under deceleration, you need more fuel under these conditions. Follow directions below.

With a Power Commander:
Fire up bike and open the appropriate software in your laptop (with the cable connected to the PC unit).
The tune in the PC3/PCV should automatically load, if not click on GET MAP.
In the 0% throttle row of cells, go in an add 6 numbers to each cell from 1500 rpm to redline.
If this row contains all zeros, simply select and highlight the whole row from 1500 rpm to redline, and select "6". This will place a 6 in all cells.
Save map under new name.
Click on SEND MAP.

Test ride. If the bike still pops under deceleration, add more fuel to the cells listed above.
On some cruisers, A PC3/PCV will not completely eliminate all popping, but it can greatly reduce it.

Bazzaz ZFi units are more difficult to eliminate popping, but it can be done similarly to the above.

With TuneEdit:
Connect cable to bike and turn on ignition key/kill switch, open TuneEdit and the current tune you are running.
In L1 table, select and highlight the bottom row of cells from 1500 rpm to redline.
Click F8; a dialog box will open. Place a 6 in the top box and click ENTER.
Do the same for F2 and F3.
Save tune under new name.
DOWNLOAD tune to bike.
Tune off ignition, wait 5 seconds, turn back on.
Close TuneEdit, open TuneBoy.
Open SENSORS page, click on RESET ADAPTIVES.
Test ride.
If the popping still exists, add more fuel to the L tables.

If you find that adding fuel made things worse, go the opposite way, reduce fueling.

I hope this helps.

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hey PT,

In the TuneEdit set of directions, did you mean add 6 to the L tables or F tables? You said L1, but then said F2 and F3. Just makin sure.


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Sadly Wayne is no longer posting on this site........ :'(

It's a typo, pretty sure you need to modify all three 'L' tables not the 'F' ones.
Doesn't make sense at all to modify L1 and F2 and F3

Besides L tables use manifold pressure (which is used for small throttle openings) and is where you're at with a closed throttle.
The F tables use the TPS to control fuel/ignition timing.

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:sign5: He's adding 6% to the bottom L table rows (or leftmost column in TuneECU world).

I have tried this method a while back and the "drown the pop out" method seems to work OKish, but the exhaust will reak of fuel quite badly. Also you might get a proper cannonshot afterburn occasionally if you feather the throttle when coming back on.
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