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Removing fuel tank 03 triple?

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This has probably been asked before

but when taking off petrol tank on a 03 triple how do you stop the fuel coming out of the tank and pipes that connect it

I had an issue which I smelt petrol fumes after riding yesterday
And investigated n found that a worn o ring was leaking where the 2 connectors where on the tank
But on taking the top hose off it kept running from the hose
And when the lower hose was taken off it was running from the tank

is there a way to stop this
My previous fuel injection bike didn’t do this when hoses were taken of there was only a trickle
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I don't have that generation so I don't have all the details but this is how I understand it. There are quick release connections at the tank. These quick release connections have a valve mechanism that is supposed to stop the fuel when you break the connection. If you break the line at the other end it won't stop the flow. The original quick release connectors were plastic. These are failure prone and I think there was a recall to replace them with metal connections.
Hopefully someone who has replaced the tank fittings with metal ones will chime in with part numbers and directions. If you search you might find something, it's def been posted before.
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