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Removing tank - how to?

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Can anyone do me a step-by-step guide to this on my '05 1050? - I need to get at the TBs to fit a Scottoiler.


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-Remove the seat.
-Remove the bolt at front of tank.
-Remove the bolt at rear of tank.
-Disconnect breather lines on left side bottom of tank. Make sure you mark one so you know which side it goes back on - I wrap tape around the far left line.
-Disconnect fuel line - push in on release pin and pull. A small amount of fuel may spill from fuel line
-Disconect electrical plug to fuel pump - push in on release pin on right side of plug and pull.


I hope this helps.
Breather tubes... I put a twist tie on the one that empties straight out to the bottom of the bike, but it slipped off. Appreciate if anyone can let me know which is which. One connection is for a host that goes straight out to the bottom, whereas the other has some kind of valve which I believe goes to the charcoal cannister to separate the vapors.

I have an '07 plastic tank. The tube that has the container/valver near the top goes on the outside of the nipples on the bottom. In other words, the nipple on the left side as you look at the tank seated on the bike.
wait your bike has nipples? wish mine did.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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