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retrofit/swap gauge cluster

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A while back I had ask on Trat, if it was possible to retrofit the 1050 gauge cluster to my 955 '01 speed triple, and thanks Devi, among others, that saved me from spending the money to find out that it's not compatible.

Now i've come across a 02 gauge cluster on ebay and want to see what I would need to make it work. Here's the link to the auction...,1

From what I've read, the speed signal will not be digital, but what I am looking for is to be able to tell my speed digitally. Not sure if that make senses or not, but I'm doing the mod purely for the aesthetics. If this makes my speedometer more accurate, great.

Thanks in advance!

I've also PM'ed Decosse, who did the retrofit on his Daytona/S3.
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I sent you a personal reply MotoRaider

The problem is I didn't just retro the gauge alone onto my pre-'02, but the whole wiring harness & ECM
Most of all the warning lights and input signals come from the ECM but it would still be possible to wire them up off your old harness. For a sender you use the electronic sender from a Sprint - exact same fitment as the 97-01 S3 wheel.
The biggest obstacle is getting a harness adapter to interface with the intrument cluster - that is not available freely, is part of the whole harness. I don't know how you could get that without buying a whole used harness from an S3, Sprint RS or Daytona.
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