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Riddle me this, trackday geeks

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I thought about puttin' this in the Hooligan section, but really it applies to the track and even spirited street riding.

The problem is this: Sometimes when hanging a knee out for a turn, I get one king hell cramp right in the hip joint, almost a charlie horse, but on the side rather than the hamstring. If you've ever felt it, you know exactly what I'm talkin' about. Hurts like hell and about the only thing that helps is straightening out your leg by standing up on the bike or kicking the leg out forward or worse, having to stop and stand up.

Anybody have any solutions?

I am older than most rocks but not in bad shape, however, it seems to me that particular motion is not one that occurs in most normal circumstances, so the muscles rarely get used and that may be the problem. So, I got to thinkin' an' wound up tryin' out the hip abductor machine at the gym - you know, the machine you can't help but stare at that they sit on and spread their legs out? Felt kinda, uh... weird, but the first evening after working out on it, I was sore right in the same spot where The Cramp comes. And after a couple of weeks, it seems to be helping, although I haven't been out on a track pushing hard.

Sound logical?
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Find a good massage therapist and tell him/her that your I-T band (Iliotibial tract) is really tight, and you've been having cramps in your "Vastus Lateralis."

Vastus Lateralis is one of your quads, but it wraps around the side of your leg and attaches underneath your hamstrings. The I-T band is a superficial band of connective tissue (sort of like a tendon) that attaches your hip to the side of you knee. It can get very tight and cause all sorts of problems- just ask any runner you know.

Also, ask the trainers at your gym for stretching exercises to treat these two problem areas.

Note: Pretty massage therapists are not necessarily the best ones, and may tend to make the Redhead jealous. Ask at your gym for a reference. They'll be more likely to recommend someone with sports injury experience. Don't freak if it happens to be a guy.
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I know exactly what you're talking about, and massage is a short-term answer to a long-term lack of flexibility issue. The best long-term solution is to begin a structured stretching routine daily. "Yoga" is a millenial buzzword, and gives lots of earthy-touchy-feely implications, but a beginning yoga class is a good way to learn some of the key stretches for any athletic activity (of which a long day on the track is one!)
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I get that same thing from time to time. Yelling seems to help.

You might try mondo stretch/flex exercises like what is done in Power Pilates on a "reformer" machine. I didn't make that up either, it's real. That shit is good and good for you. You might feel a little goofy taking a Pilates class on the first night, cause you'll likely be the only dude in the room. Then you'll slowly realize, as you gaze upon the cute little camel toe winking at you from under the skin tight, sweat soaked leotard next to you, that this was a f'n excellent idea. And you should send me money for telling you about it.

+100 kjazz

I've been doing Turbokick because one of my classmates teaches it. Usually I take my place right behind Melinda, for the above stated reasons! (Jen who teaches the class ain't bad either!) It's all worth feeling like an uncoordinated moron.
crashmasterd said:
+100 kjazz

I've been doing Turbokick because one of my classmates teaches it. Usually I take my place right behind Melinda, for the above stated reasons! (Jen who teaches the class ain't bad either!) It's all worth feeling like an uncoordinated moron.
So you are saying it doubles as a self awareness class also
legman said:
So you are saying it doubles as a self awareness class also
Melinda is 20. I'm keenly aware that I'm about to turn 40. Apparently it works.
Don't try to stick your leg out so much. Getting you knee down is not that important for getting around the track (compared to body position in general).

Now, that may not be a helpful response if you are not stretching to put the puck down, but I've seen some guys more worried about breaking in their pucks than getting a quick lap.
I know this pain.... and I know I am Not flexible at all..... LC laughs at me when I try and do stretches with her..

well at least ill know WHY im in pain... :)
Deep hip abductors that are not worked on a regular basis will tend to cramp like that....much like any other muscle that is placed in an extremely shortened position and then contracted (try to bend your knee and kick your on ass...then squeeze really hard for 5-10 seconds and do this a coupel times...your hamstring will cramp...this is the same principle)....CMT's wont do a lick a good...except if you get the happy need to do stretching (both actively and passively, look up "Active Isolated Stretching, The Aaron Mathis Method") and a bunch of hip abductor strengthening with the posture of riding...your hip abductors become weak and your adductors get very strong (squeezing the tank) and this excentuates the problem....

and even if you do a bunch a strengthening and still may happen secondary to the physiology of the, ready for this, Actin and Myosin filaments and their length tension relationship... :horse:
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Sell your bike ...... :violent1: :fingure: :violent1:
Bananas and Ketchup!

Extra Potassium helps with cramps, and I agree with the stretching before and after riding. A little bit at a time, I am not flexible at all but when I work on it I can really get a good stretch.

Potassium does help the problem, calcium is important too. Sodium is the third, but I think most of us don't have a problem with sodium intake.

Stretching and strengthening the area will provide the best long term results.
Gotta do more butterfly stretches to open up. Doing lots of stretching before going out on the track helps. I sometimes get that same muscle spasm when I pull wheelies and stick my knee out. would be opposite the butterfly...if you are trying to stretch your lateral would need to perform a hamstring-like stretch and cross your leg over your body....or...sit, bend one leg up and cross the foot over the knee and turn opposite (if that makes any sense in word-like fashion)
Lots o' good advice. Glad to see I am not the only one who's had this annoying problem.
Know exactly what you're talking about,had the same thing happen.Not enough salt in your diet is one cause of cramps so grab a container of Saxa(brand of salt over here)and start sucking. :eek:
So to wrap up this little session with Oprah,

You want to stretch out some with a 20 year old name Melinda who's wearing tight leotards that are sweaty, after eating a shit load of bananas smothered in salt and ketchup (or wring out Melinda's leotard on your banana? that's an alternative that sounds pretty interesting!) stretch your hammys out by crossing your toes (or eyes) and bending over backwards, or bend over forwards (just not in the men's locker room, or you might make friends you dont want) then do something with butterflies, I'd recommend butterfly porkchops, they good. Somebody said you gotta kick your own arse. Might help, cant really hurt, besides you probably deserve it. It apparently helps if Little Cat laughs at you too. If all that shit fails, either dont put your knee out, or sell your bike!!

R100, you got a plan. Let us know how it works!
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