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Buddy of mine has an 07 Touno, matt black. So we switched rides for a few miles. The touno revs slower than speedy (duh v-twin) and power comes on later. Suspension was good, brakes even better. Wheelies seemed harder than on speedy, but a little easier to control cause the motor ain't as nuts. It was fast, but speedy is faster. The triple revs faster and throttle responce is instant, the v-twin seemed sluggish and vibrated with anger down low. My buddy said that speedy's power was smoother and had more down low, I think he was bummed he spent almost 5g's more and liked speedy better. I must say the aprillia is a work of art, but we bust on the lion graffics. If I was Jay Leno I'd have one, but I can only afford 1 bike, and I think I got the most bank for the buck with speedy.

If you get a chance to ride one, do it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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