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Roof Helmets

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Anyone have any info on the brand... may buy one to use as my spare for the bitches. Ha. im drunk.
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those helmets look terrible...
I've test fitted a Roof Boxer helmet. They look so strange it's actually quite cool. And I like the fact that they're flip-ups.

The problem is that the flip-up part touches my chin. And I'm not even big jawed. And the flip up mechanism is bad too.
Never heard of them but i did try to make a helmet out of part of my roof,worked fine till it fn rained next time,didn't it! ;D :eek:
I've had mine for four years and love it. The fit is excellent and it is extremely quiet. Now if it just didn't look so dated. But I quess thats part of the appeal. Mine is matte black with white. ;)
I've had a Roof Roadster (now discontinued) for 3 years. I've hardly worn it as it is noisy though otherwise comfortable enough. Roof helmets are made in France I believe and like so many other products of that fair country they have a certain stylish quirkiness about them. Think Renault Megane, Citroen Pluriel, Jean-Michelle Jarre and Eric Cantona! Vive la difference!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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