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Rusty Chain

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Today I noticed that the flat side of the chain that faces the wheel is rusty. Anybody else noticed this? I oil the chain every other day ('cuz I commute every day), but it'd be pretty tough to oil this side of the chain.
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I've never had a problem.

What are you using to clean/lube?
Use a brush and a small can of diesel or kerosene to clean the chain, then lube it.

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Same here, kerosene to clean and bel-ray lube. Never had a problem. Secret is to get the chain warm before the lube and let her sit for 30 minutes minimum, overnight preferred after lubing.
Do you guys know of any tricks to keep all the crap out of the back brake pads when you're cleaning your chain? I tried taking off the caliper and sealing it in a plastic bag but it still seemed to get stuff in there.

Motorex 611 Chain Clean. It takes the rust off with the dirt. Follow with Bel Ray Chain Lube. No problem with brake caliper. I tried the Kerosene with brush. It works great but is messier than spray cans.
You haven't been backing your boat trailer into the water with Speedy again have you? ;D :popcorn:
Naw, I usually just keep the fifth-wheel hooked up to it. Anybody know how to put a goose-neck hitch on one of these things? :fingure:
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