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SAI Hose

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(I posted this on rat forum too).

I've just removed SAI and blanked the 3 reed valve covers for the SAI on the 05 S3.

Question, what about the remaining hole in the airbox?
where the secondary air injection hose used to enter the airbox. I assume this will need blocking off

see picture below where I've highlighted, in green, the SAI airbox outlet.[email protected]/detail?.dir=/cda1re2&.dnm=52c3re2.jpg&.src=ph

Also, what is the hole (marked in red in the photo above) in the airbox? is this just a vent and should be left open?

Many thanks

PS I used the M8 allen bolt method (25mm) with PTFE tape. See below.[email protected]/detail?.dir=/cda1re2&.dnm=fc66re2.jpg&.src=ph

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I looks like the SAI feed port on the air box is downstream of the filter so if you don't plug it you'll pull unfiltered air into the engine. I'd guess the little hole is just a drain. Doesn't look like it serves much purpose.
Aye, yes I will block the SAI port off because exactly that reason (unfiltered air) ;)

Looks like the "drain" (the red dot in the picture) could also pull in dirty air, EVEN when SAI is intact..... maybe it's not an issue to worry about. I suspect the "drain" may be where the SAI got its air from.

It just seem strange to me that this little "drain" bypasses the filter and vents the whole airbox to atmosphere with or without SAI.

I don't know enough about this subject. I kinda thought the airbox needed to be pressurised - but this drain will prevent that.
The "drain" is some kind of vacuum connection that is not used on the 1050 Speed Triple. YES, it is open to unfiltered air - just like the drains in the airbox near the velocity stacks.
I blocked the SAI hose hole and put a small piece of tape over the "drain" hole.

At 100 mph there is little ram pressure possible. The only pressure in the airbox is from intake pulses. More often, the airbox has a slight vacuum in it.
mark did you run a 8mm tap thru the holes or just screw the bolts right in?

If you load up the M8 bolt down the shank with lots of PTFE plumbers white tape you can "screw" bolts in quite tight. Being black it merges with engine.

The bung is good but if you want to remove the SAI assembly/hoses you need something to block the 3 other holes. ;D

Kuhlka's blanking plates should take care of the other three holes.
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