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Satellite Radio on an S3

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After planning a few trips for the summer and being on a couple of boring rides, I am wondering about putting satellite radion on a bike. I like sirius better than XM (sirius gets better reception here anyway) but sirius has no truely portable receivers. XM now has the Inno and Helix but at $400 a pop - I'm feeling a bit like our "Scorched Yeller" friend!!! Has anyone tried mounting a receiver and antenna to their S3? How did you do it? How did it work?
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I use the XM 2 Go and stuff it under the bungee on my tank bag. If it starts to rain I throw it in the bag. It's plugged into the Baehr intercomm under the passenger seat. The XM comes with a little antenna with a suction cup that I stick behind the Laminar Lip when I have the flyscreen mounted. Another option that I use with the MP3 player is a little thingy from Radio Shack that plugs in between the player and the earphones that adjusts the volume. You can use it with gloves on.
Honestly, your best bet is an intercomm system that increases in volume as ambient noise increases or you'll be fiddling with it too much and not keeping an eye out for the cagers.
Try or twistedthrottle,they have all sorts of mounting stuff by swmotech and such.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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