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Sealing up Zard header slip-fits?

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Ok guys, since installing my Zard header, I've found all manner of exhaust leaks. WTF do I need to do to seal this thing up and what is the step-by-step process? I've tried Ultra-Black Permatex and that helped a bit, but do I need to just keep reapplying the crap until it seals it completely? There has to be a sure-fire way to do this that is simple and effective (putting the stock header back on is not an option). I already know I have a few spring clips that need to be replaced with shorter ones.
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Tiny garage + no welding equipment = not an option. I wish I had my dad's garage down here, but sadly I don't. Being a CQ-7 quality TIG welder isn't going to do me much good unless I can make friends with someone who has a good welding setup. Plus, it'll be easier to get the exhaust ceramic coated gray if I keep it slip-fit.
Holy cow wild man, I was just kidding. I wish I knew how to weld. Sorry I couldn't be any actual help. :)
I've used high-temp gasket sealer on other bikes with good results.
Yeah, but do I need to just keep reapplying it until it finally all gets sealed up?

No biggie Alaska. Wish I had the kit here, but no dice.
I identified the leak then, disconnected the pipe and cleaned the area. I then applied a big fat bead of sealant, reconnected the pipe and wiped off the excess and didn't mess with it for 24 hours. The next day I cut the excess off with an exacto knife and everything was sealed.
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