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Service in IL

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For all you fellow owners from IL.

Any suggestions where to go for good service from a dealer? I asked a dealer, recently (actually I asked the head service guy), how much he would charge to load the most recent map onto my ecu. I've got an '06 with just over 6000 miles and have done most of the service (other than the initial 500 mile service) myself. I read that triumph updates their maps frequently and thought it may be good to make sure I have the most recent map. My mileage sucks lately (about 80 miles to low fuel light) and I thought this may help. Anyway, the service guy said they'd charge an hour ($80) "because that's how long it takes." Now it seems a little crazy to me that they'd charge me an hour to plug it in and download a new map, especially since I've read (here and on that other site) that some dealers do it for free, or at least for a minimal cost.

So, anyone have experience with an Illinois dealer they can recommend? Am I just a cheap ass?

Oh, and before anyone says it, I don't really need a tuneboy 'cause the bike is stock and will stay that way for a long while.
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$80 for loading a tune is highway robbery. It takes less than 5 minutes. Next time you go there tell 'em I told you so. Last time I went to my Triumph shop I got charged $15, and the mechanic seemed a bit upset about it, they'd done it free beforehand.
If you're happy with your tune then stay with it. No need to 'upgrade'.
Of course with a tuneboy and some dyno time you could optimise the tune for your bike. But I guess you already know this, and it would cost much more than $80.
No not in IL........quite a long way away.........across the big pond, down Italy, down Sicily, in a little dot on the map....Malta....:)
kcjones said:
and I figured you were in the southern Pacific.
Wish I was too, at least the sharks there only inhabit the sea...... :drink:
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