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She's gone - Sold my S3...

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Man that was a lot harder to do than I thought it would be! I sold my bike to a really cool guy yesterday. I'm glad it went to who it did. He's really going to enjoy it. I just wish I could have kept it AND bought my new bike.

Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to be another Speed Triple. Ever since I started riding that bike I've said that the only reason I'd get rid of it would be to get a newer one. Then I did my first track day. Even canyon riding hasn't been the same since. I've never been a daily commuter or anything. I really only spend my time in the canyons, and you can bet I'll be spending more and more time at the track. I don't think I'll be doing any road trips again for a while...

So, I think I've narrowed it down to a 2004 model of either an Aprilia RSV-R Factory or a Ducati 999. They can both be had for about the price of a new S3. I've ridden both of them - only about 5 or 6 miles on each - and I'm leaning hard towards the Duc. I got to check out the Ducati Museum at the factory in Bologna last year and it made an impression. It's also fun to watch Capirossi race MotoGP.

If I start making a bunch more money I'll definitely add another Speed Triple to my garage. I guess for now my pre-unit Triton project will have to give me my Triumph fix for the time being...
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I just bought a 2002 Mille RSVR. It's mint condition and has 3,400 miles on the clock only.

(I kept the speedy).

I went for the pre 2004 model because the low down grunt is kept on those models and to be honest, they look better imho.

After 2003 more power but it shifted up the rev range.

I'm gonna change the gearing from 17/42 to 16/44 as the Mille is overgeared.

may i ask why the switch over to the duc? (they are cool bikes for sure - i wanted one for several years when i first moved to SF. heart was on a monster)
Yeah. Basically, I realized that all my riding was either canyon or track. What I really should be on is a real sport bike. I'm really not a jap bike fan - not that I think there's anything at all wrong with 'em. I just don't think they're all that sexy. I'd go with the 675, but I'm spoiled with a big motor. If Triumph had a 1050 Daytona with all the suspension goodies, I'd buy that. They don't. The 999 has a better chassis than most stuff out there. Radial calipers on the brakes & clutch. Even though the brakes aren't radial calipers, they're top dollar Brembos. There's nothing that sounds as good to me as a tuned sporting twin...

Ultimately, the Duc is the most interesting high performance sport bike that I can afford. I'm not interested in anything Ducati except their competition bikes. I'd never buy a Multistrada - I'd rather buy a Suzuki V-Strom or something. Compared to a Speed Triple the Monster doesn't excite me at all. Compared to a 999... GSX-R 1000? R1? Kinda who cares? Honestly, I'm not personally good enough to MAKE USE of the difference between 130HP and 160HP at the wheel. I can enjoy that sound and feel of an awesome Italian machine.

I was in Bologna in '05 and got to go to the Ducati factory & museum. That definitely plays a role...

zooplancton said:
may i ask why the switch over to the duc? (they are cool bikes for sure - i wanted one for several years when i first moved to SF. heart was on a monster)
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good deal! i do have to say the ducs and one of the honda liter bikes have that purfect guttural sound that i crave.
chime back when your set in with your new bike and drop by for a report. i would love to hear.
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