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Shifter Kart track fun!

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limey...don't mean to make ya time for sure, ill let ya know when we go again!...cheapo, warmed up an ready!, here i come! :horse:

early practice....

Mrs. McGirt decide to tear it up too!

Look its our own BillT makin an showing!...Man i gotta catch that guy!

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daaaaaamn thats sweet....looks like ewes are the only ones out there??? :drink:
Where is that track?? :beer:
sweeeeeeet dirt, that looks like some serious fun dude! ;D
OK, I asked someone else on the OTHER site where you got your headlight from. I dig it. WHERE?
the track is in homestead florida...not for motorcycles, usually :beer:

alaska here ya go
I think I'm gonna cry. Darn sprockets. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MEEEE!!! :horse: :horse: Glad you guys had a good, really, I am :violent1:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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