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Shinko 003s

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Anyone here ever use them for sport riding ? Big on the strip but looking to use them for sport riding . Want to try them but want a bit more input on them . Anyone ??
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What is it? A tire?
I've seen them on the street before(only a couple of times), but like you said, I've mostly only seen them at the drag strip. I wouldn't know about how they perform though, I've never used them.
Looks like a DOT legal slick. Soft compound with just enough grooving to be legal on the street, but no real wet performance.

A few quick searches revealed several references to drag use, but not much about how they handle in the twisties.

In the old days, we used to buy racing slicks for cars and bikes and use a grooving iron to cut tread on them so they could be used on the street. ;)

Interesting, thanks.
Thanks for the insight gents . I think i am going to take the plunge ( hopefully not the spill ) in checking out these tires . Not much to lose in the deal. Any hesitation though I won't pass go and grab the Pilot Powers . 170$ out the door for the Stealths . They say they have a flat profile but I've been looking at my 010sBAxxs and that's flat . Drag racers run at 16 psi which any tire would have a flat profile at that pressure .

And if anyone is looking for some Pilot Powers there is a good deal on for 209$+shipping . I'm rolling the dice :jerkit:
with the Shinkos .
A bunch of my buddies are running them on the drag strip, and some of them run them on the street. I wouldn't recommend them as a street tire though. The big problem with them is they need to be HOT to be sticky.

They actually hold up well to repeated burn offs (that's the whole point) and are fairly inexpensive. They'll take abuse that would wear out a Pilot Power in a couple of races. If you do a lot of smoke shows and don't ever ride in the rain I guess they'd be okay. But I wouldn't trust them in the twisties without some serious heating first!

One of my buddies rides a 955 Daytona. Everybody hates him. He's got a spare wheel fitted with a Shinko, so he just swaps wheels on race night. Sometimes right in front of everybody. The blank stares are priceless.
I got the tires and am fitting them on soon . By examining them they are sticky . Seems like a 3-4 tire but a sport tire . By the looks of them they seem better than my 010 BAxxes . The rear is by no means have a flat profile . Not coned like a Mich Pilot power but a pretty decent shape . I'll find out soon enough. Keep you all updated.
Turns out to be a great tire for the twisties . Only bad part of the tire is getting over the name . A must try .
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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