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Anyone have thoughts between this and the Tuono?
I currently have a 2010 SE speed triple and a 2018 Tuono Factory. Love both bikes, for different reasons. The triple was the apex predator naked back in 2010 and is just such a pure experience, no electonics,no abs, no quickshifter etc. But an absolute joy.
The Tuono is a beast, bristling with electronics, that V4 note is unmatched, and puts a smile on my face every time.
Every time I'm on either bike I don't wish I was on the other, that's why I've kept them both. So I'm a huge fan of both. However, I've had the triple for 10 years and the maintenance cost have been negligible. The Tuono has only 3K on it, so I'm sure that those costs will mount as the miles climb.
But for $7500, you can get a much newer triple. Not sure where the $7500 would land you on the Tuono, years wise.


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