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Site donation.........

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Hey guys how about a small to help with the running of this site??????

Catahoulabulldog……. If you give us your paypal account or a link to it from this post I will donate some funds your way to help with the ongoing costs involved in the running of this site, you do a top job and you have never asked for a penny………

Once others have done the same they could add there names to this list….

Min $5 per person, that is within everybody’s reach……..

:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
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Yeah Steve.....thats cool. Count me in.
That is funny, I was just asking him about doing something like this the other day. Count me in.
sweeeet, after that I'll tell everyone my paypal account! ;D I'll even help ol' cata out, he's a good feller. :shocker: :wtf:
but.....aren't you the "cheapbastard"......... ???........what's this your the "givingbastard".......
I'm in...
APtech77 said:
but.....aren't you the "cheapbastard"......... ???........what's this your the "givingbastard".......
what can I say, I like Cata. :smiley-asskiss:


Count me in.

Another idea to consider.
Another site I have been a member on for a LONG time, has been kept private with no sponsors and is totally funded by the members in order to keep it more personal. The site has a place for threads auctioning parts and services with all proceeds going to fund the site maintainence.

It started off small, and now the auctions regularly bring in very good money to the site.

Something to think about.
Ya free money? for me? :beer:

Seriously, I have the costs covered. I didn't start this for money, Thats why you dont see any advertisers. I started it because I wanted a single place I could go for information on my own S3, I like most of you guys was at TRAT and kinda got tired of formality and searching 10000000 threads to find out about mirror plugs.. so

this is what we got and just to have folks using it is believe it or not its own reward..

If it becomes an issue? I'll put out the call. till then just use the site, I'm payin for it! ;D
My HERO!!!!

and you guys wonder why I like Cata so much! :smiley-asskiss: You are da man Cata! :drink:
Let me put my boots on,'s get'n deep in here..... :D
Some how part of me thinks he enjoys watch all his "freaks" on here. :gayaway: Kind of like a twisted wrestling match on PPV.
Posted on: Today at 07:17:32 AMPosted by: cheapbastard
Insert Quote
and you guys wonder why I like

WOW...does someone want to be a MODERATOR bad.....sheeeese not so obvious Cheap....
You're a class act. It's a pleasure being a member.
do decals count as a donation? ;D
Catahoulabulldog said:
If it becomes an issue? I'll put out the call. till then just use the site, I'm payin for it! ;D
Thats cool Cata....just make sure you let us know if it does become an issue.....the way this site is growing!
So if you won't take cash, can we pay you in other ways? How about with a picture of a sweetie?

No, I don't know her. But she's cute as hell!
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Count me in for the coin and count me in the sweetie above.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.That was a Homer Simpson noise. :popcorn:
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