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Slippy rear

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Ok so I run a 04, right around 6k still running the stock bridgestones, and the appear to be just fine... BUT.... If im riding hard and accelerate of of a turn I get some feedback that feels like slip.. feels like the rear swings but im sure its most likely a very small amount.. is it...

tires? setup? riding style..

I havent moded anything since i picked it up its been fine so this is very recent..

If new tires... what do ya think i should get... thanks..
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dude, I'd say with 6k on the clock, it's prolly defintaly your tires! I know I love the Michelin Pilot Powers, can't get much better than those IMO. Although, I'm think'n of changing when my set wears out, just to get more mileage. But I love the Pilot Powers, can't go wrong with 'em!
Lol, my stock Bridgestones burned up long before 6k. Of course I was doing burnouts and stuff, but I think I ripped mine down to the cords by 4,500 miles or so. I'd almost guarantee its the rear tire spinning a bit. You might try a lower tire pressure to get a bit more traction. What pressures are you running?
Don't know about those, but have been hearing excellent things about the metzler Z6's - my room mate put a pair on his SV1000 this spring and can't stop singing their praises..... He's got about 3K on them and they look like new yet! I ended up with Pirelli Diablo Strada's this spring and expect close to 5k from the rear. The front is in excellent shape yet, so I spose I'll order just another rear...... I'm thinking I would have gotten more from the rear if I hadn't put so many road trip miles on - lots of straight raod time there :mad:
I've gotten 6k+ out of a front Pirelli Diablo Corsa before. Thats even with lots of wheelie/stoppie play.
Catahoulabulldog said:
I wish......

I might take a look at the metz M-3 anyone heard anything?
I've got the m1 sportec tires on. they're pretty nice. I really don't have much experience with any other tire though. They don't work well covered in oil though, so don't botch an oil job!!
get a m1 front and a m3 or z6 rear, you'll be happy. It's great when the local cycle gear has a sale for $150/set also.
They don't have the M-3 but for hard to beat prices...... Go Here ---->

Diablo Strada = $136 (shipped)
dfib said:
They don't have the M-3 but for hard to beat prices...... Go Here ---->

Diablo Strada = $136 (shipped)
where do you see that price on there??? ???
I would say with 6,000 miles the tire is shot. I hatted every minute with the Bridgestones that came on my 03 Triple and 04 Daytona.

I must say that I like the Pilot Powers, but am very disappointed with the mileage. The first rear that came on the bike I got 2004 miles and it HAD to be replaced. The second one I have on there now has 2400 miles and it will have to be replaced really soon :mad: The reason the first one got less milage is I went to the drag strip one weekend, but 2400 isn't impresssing me on mileage, BUT performance it would be hard to find a better street tire.
cheapbastard said:
dfib said:
They don't have the M-3 but for hard to beat prices...... Go Here ---->

Diablo Strada = $136 (shipped)
where do you see that price on there??? ???
Click on the prielli symbol -> click on diablo strada -> select size - $118 + shipping for the 180/55-17 rear  ;D

Alot of their other tires are way cheap too!!

Metzler Z-6 $136 + S&H, M-1's $115 + S&H
Dunlop Qualifiers $128 + S&H
Hard to beat!!
oh, alright, I was think'n you were talk'n about a set for that price! So you know the cheapster, he was all about that. $136 isn't the greatest, but it's not horrible either. I just purchased my rear Pilot Power a few weeks ago for $110 plus tax!!! Total was like $117. ;D The cheapster keeps his eyes opened :eek: for deals!
How well we know ::) wouldn't want you to have to switch to Blatz :p
so who else has a 190 rear like me? I ran into another tripler.... his was an 02 with a 180?
I had a 190, went with an 180 - way better turn in!!! Cheaper too - Oh crap I'm a cheapbastard too!! :eek:
Dfib said:
They don't have the M-3 but for hard to beat prices...... Go Here ---->

Diablo Strada = $136 (shipped)
They are currently showing a pair of Pilot Powers in 120/70ZR17 & 180/55ZR17 for $229.99 + $26.59 shipping.

Anybody know of a better price? I think I'd rather get the 2CT but Oneida Suzuki don't have them listed.
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