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So how fast does she go?

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So has anyone ever taken speedy to a top speed run and really tested how fast she goes stock? Or even modified?
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I've gotten up to 137mph as read on my GPS. With speedo error that would probably be around 150, which I've also done on the 2003 in stock form with just that Roadracing screen I had. You'd be amazed by how much a tiny little top fairing makes.
Early on, I got 143 mph on GPS, speedometer read something over 150 mph - uncorrected.

I am sure it will go faster now, just not my cup of tea on a naked bike.

I believe Limey has an idea - all those long straight roads in Florida.
OK. So speedo readings don't count. Only police speedometers or good GPS :)

Anyone been to an airport etc to test it thoroughly? I don't think you can really commit to it on public highway.
premier said:
..... I don't think you can really commit to it on public highway. reagrds from Germany.... ;D ;D ;D
dax said:
premier said:
..... I don't think you can really commit to it on public highway. reagrds from Germany.... ;D ;D ;D
OK SHUT UP ALREADY! :D And tell us how fast she goes! :violent1: :finger: ;D
Yep - 150 indicated before the TuneBoy tune, now 135 indicated. It gets hard to see real well above 130...
dax said: reagrds from Germany.... ;D ;D ;D
This is twice Dax has alluded to the unlimited autobahn speeds, yet has not produced any type of input.

From this we can conclude that Dax know and refuses to inform us, or that Dax has no clue. My bet is on the latter.
In fact, the notion of the Autobahn having no speed limit is mostly a myth. There really IS a section of the Autobahn that has no limit, but it's only around 8 miles long. The rest of it has a speed limit just like everywhere else. Furthermore, in the section that has no limit: it does NOT mean you can go balls out WOT anytime you want. In fact, you can still get pulled over; hell it's worse because it's up to the police's discretion (i.e. HIS MOOD) whether he'll pull you over for reckless or not.
Okey then. Let me try to tell you what is official about the Autobahn in Germany...

We have a lengh of approx 12.000 Km of Autobahn which should be about 7.500 miles. I have read that you in the States have about 47.000 miles of High Way.

On the German Autobahn there is no Speed limit for cars and motorcycles.

Only trucks and busses are not alound to go faster then about 50 or 63 miles an hour.

There are several speed limits on our Autobahn, mainly around cities and on curvy parts.
These speed limits cover only about 1/3 of the complete Autobahn system which are approx 2.500 miles.

I have to admit, that we have a lot of traffic especially during workdays and working hours.
But there are enough parts with very low traffic and you can ride what ever you want....
Sunday morning is a perfect time to go for a ride. Just before the people start for their sunday sight seeing trip.....

The maximum I have been riding on my Speedy was something like 140 miles/hour - on the Autobahn.
Although I have to admit, that isn`t to much fun and that I haven`t done this for more than 1 or two miles.
The wind and everything is simply crazy....
I do definetaly prefer the curves in the mountains riding a bike.....

Riding a nice car on the autobahn without a speed limit is alot more fun and alot more "relaxing" to me.

Is this answer enough?? ;)

P.S. Sorry if there are to many writing and grammatic mistakes in this post.... But English is not my mother language. I also hope that I have not made any mistake in calculating the kilometers into miles.....
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With the right bait(ing), even a German will bite. ;D

Thanks Dax.
And your English is a LOT better than my weak German.

219ks so far and it was still pulling hard.Not sure what that is in MPH
jdonly1 said:
219ks so far and it was still pulling hard.Not sure what that is in MPH
219 KPH = 139 MPH
Not tellin'. Don't want ya all to feel bad
;D :wave:
limey said:
Not tellin'. Don't want ya all to feel bad
;D :wave:
let's see, uncorrected speedo, and up 2 teeth on the rear - your speed should be way off.
Seen 160 mph on the speedo yet?
Hey, only one up on the rear! :fingure: Seen 165 indicated. :twofinger:
Baiting you guys is just too easy. :D
Devious2xs said:
Baiting you guys is just too easy. :D
well you are THE mater-baiter :fingure:
I'm pretty sure that one of those "naked bike shootouts" awhile back listed the 1050 at 154 mph (clocked, not speedo). It was the fastest naked bike, but they were all right around 150 mph, since the aerodynamics are pretty much the same...
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