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Some A-hole almost killed me.

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So I was merging onto 880 (San Jose, near San Francisco) yesterday and some dickweed in a white Mercedes Benz almost killed me. The freeway at that point is 4 lanes wide. I was merging on and this guy doing atleast 100mph crosses all 4 lanes of traffic from the fast lane (far left for the aussies) all the way over to the merge lane and comes so close he knocked my new bar end mirror off with his passenger (right side, Aussies) side rear view. Scared the shit outta me. :wtf:
When I caught up to him he was TALKING ON A CELL PHONE!!!! All he did was look at me and shrug like "Oh well, no big deal." I think I'm going to install buckshot rounds into the ends of my handlebars. :violent1: :violent1: :violent1: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:
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Did you get his tag number and report the incident as a hit and run?
No, I was on the freeway and didn't have a note pad and pen ready.
Devious2xs said:
;D ;D ;D
Devious2xs said:

Glad ya kept it upright! :drink:
PTL you are still OK...gotta watch out for dipshits...
The next thing that would hve happened was me reaching into my tank bag for one of the rusty 1 inch bolts I keep in there. Then that same bolt would have put a nice hole in his windshield. I find that they seem to understand the gravity of the situation at that time.
Sorry Smashtime, I couldn't help myself. ;D

Glad you are OK.
Devious2xs said:

super weak on the asshat in the MB. i've been thinking about getting a leather jack strap (with lead ball end) sewn into my leather jacket sleeve. so when you snap your arm, out comes the device and ready for driver window.

glad your ok. that could have gotten bad quick. (or quicker)
Way to keep it up on two. Karma will catch him.
smashtime said:
(far left for the aussies)
thought it was far right :lurking:
You know, I think I may have to get a tank bag filled with all kinds of hooligan goodies for just such an occaision. I'm all for good maners, don't get me wrong but when someones that retarded I think a reflection of stupidity is in order. i.e. rusty bolts, wrist mounted mace thingies, little squeeze bottle full of old motor oil, spark plug chips, ball bearings, and ballons filled with oil based paint would make for an excellent packing list.

Thanks guys, I'm off to Orchard Supply.
Glad you came through OK. That kind of thing can take you out in a heart beat. Unbelievable how negligent many drivers are today.

I was on my way back to work after lunch between Christmas & New years on a 2 lane road. The SUV in front of me crossed the center line and dropped a wheel off the shoulder at least a dozen times. I thought it had to be some old drunk heading back to work after a three martini lunch. When I got onto a four lane road I passed the A$$HOLE as soon as I could. It was a teenage girl with her cell phone 6 inches in front of her face texting her homies! I would have brake checked her but she was so zoned out she would have hit my Z.
That is the last time I hire a hitman who drives a Mercedes.
:violent1: :violent1: :violent1:

I swear, half the timeI see a car not moving with the flow of traffic (too slow or too fast), when I pass them I find out it's someone on their cell phone.

All you can do is put as much distance between them and yourself, as quickly as possible.

Glad you kept your cool and stayed upright! :beer:
Using a cell phone while driving impares some people as much as being over the limit on alcohol. I think it should be made illeagle. Besides what is so important to talk about that it can't wait. I bet the conversations go like this "what are you doin" "drivin to Dicks place. What are you doin?" "Nothin" "So what you doin later?" "I dont know" --clank-- "I think I hit somtin" "what was it" "I think it was a biker" "Huh" "I think I'll rent a move later" blah blah blah. Cell phone are abused of course I don't have as you can tell.
Do any 'mericans here know what the AMA's position on this is??

I occassionally talk on the phone while driving. I'm careful and respectful of the potential for mishap when doing so. And I wont do it if things are "busy" around me. But I could easily give it up and just never do it.

I'd like to see phone use made illegal while driving. It isn't just us bikers that stand to be affected, though we could easily be killed by it.

I'd imagine the Insurance world would lobby greatly toward its banning and the AMA as well. The AMA has had some very meaningful impact to our world lately with "Justice For All" legislation.

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