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Ever since I saw one of these many years ago I wanted one I loved the look and the fact it was triumph. But I was always warned that a bit of a nutters bike a hooligans machine.
So I bought a beautiful example 8Ball paint job everything,absolutely thrilled I was so I went to pick it up taking my old bike as a trade in. I got on it and was in Chester loads of speed cameras so take it easy but the mirrors did not stick out as far as my elbows so almost blind in the mirrors although I stopped and adjusted them as much as I could.
So hit the motorway sacked open the throttle in first gear and sat there waiting for something too happen. Jesus it was sluggish only got to 55 in 1st and it started coughing ,my old bike did 85.
What's the bid deal it's a gorgeous looking machine and sounds and handle really nicely but I feel like noddy on a push bike waiting for someone to give me a push to make it move.As you can see gorgeous looking bike I'm just worried a Reliant Robin will hit me in the arse on the motorway.
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