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SS braided water hoses

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I want to replace a few of my rubber water hoses but the 1 place that I know that sells them Wild Hair is way too expensive - $350. Anyone know of a more affordable alternative?

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$350 for braided hose kits that are not even A/N fittings?!!!! What a rip-off!

Spectre Industries makes individual hoses (coolant and fuel), generic kits, and fittings -

If you want real A/N lines and fittings, Earls, Russell, Aeroquip, etc. all make hose and fittings.
The company Spectre doesn't make any true AN fittings/hose. Their merchandise is merely for cosmetic purposes (note the hose clamp within their fittings). I would NOT buy their hose, as the braided stainless is very thin (as in not dense) and has a tendency to separate showing the rubber hose underneath.

If you do want true AN lines, and you want them to look good, you are going to be spending close to the $350 you are trying to stay away from. The main reasons for this is that the AN hose is larger (-10) and the Triumph coolant system uses barb-type connecting points, which would require some trick AN adaptors that tend to be expensive. You could run the braided stainless hose right over the barb--like the stock rubber hose--and hose clamp it; however, this defeats the purpose of switching to AN and also, in my opinion, looks ugly. The other thing to remember is that when buying hose you have to buy it in long lengths--usually 10ft. As stated before, Earl's has been a leader in AN hose/fittings and I recommend them. Russell is also a reputable brand.
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BombFactory - Look at the photo above (in Karmapunk's post). That is a Spectre hose cover kit... and they are selling it for $350. Crazy!

Going AN (via the companies mentioned above) on the cooling system if OVERKILL, and heavy. But can be done with a few new ends on the radiator and engine block, and a bit of work. ;D
useless bling and money that could be spent to put more chrome on my Rocket ;D
Devious2xs, I totally agree. So that is a Spectre kit? The light blue "fittings" don't jive very well huh, and the $350 is laughable! AN lines on a cooling system are VERY OVERKILL. The whole purpose of AN lines is for strength when dealing with high pressures situations and to deal with wear (as in hoses rubbing on things). Both of these conditions are not found on the Triumph.
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