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Stable mate for Speedy

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The wifes been bugging me for a bike for a while now. Everytime she brought it up, I told she needed to do it herself so I couldn't be blamed if anything went wrong. Well she took my advice and signed herself up fo rthe MSF class next month, I was impressed. Then I came home to find her glued to the computer, I was surprised to see a bunch of bikes on the screen instead of homework. Saturday I got a call from her saying she found some bikes she wanted to look at. So we went out and looked at an SV650S and some Ninja 250's.
The SV had some minor tip over damage, but for a 2006 with 4k miles, it wasn't bad. Some new levers and barends and it's all good. Not like she wont drop it either, but I got it for a grand less than average retail. Maybe this winter my father in law can teach me to paint. I pick it up tonight and will post some pics up. so none of these :picsstfu:
The wife's really excited, i'm glad she's taking a real interest in it.
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Congrats, can't wait to burn the canyons with you and Mrs. Pip
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