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starter motor rooted?

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has anyone else had to replace their starter motor?
how much?

mine is ratshit...

mongo :smitty:
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You are out of warantee right mate?

See how much for the part [new or off a trashed 1050] I've got a manual.
If it's not too hard to replace [shouldn't be] we can sort it one evening.

Checked the manual and the starter motor is a piece of piss to change.
However, it is more likely to be the sprag clutch and that is a fair bit more complicated.
Easy to check though.

Nuckers knackers.

Good luck on the thesis [you know it stands for "Piled Higher and Deeper"]. :drink:

Take the time to check the paperwork. It would be a major bummer to find out next week that your warrantee ran out this Friday. I'll ride it to the shop if you want. ;D ;D

I'm organising the oil soonish, no dramas.

Cheers AA
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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