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starter motor rooted?

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has anyone else had to replace their starter motor?
how much?

mine is ratshit...

mongo :smitty:
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ok cool.

i will have to double check if shes under warranty...

its an 05' with 20,000 kms on the clock.

battery is fine. at first it would take 5-6 times to start on occasion.
but the last couple of weeks its started to make awful snatching noises...

amber ill give you a call next week. ive been hell busy writing a thesis that is due on friday. havent had time to do anything.
i might have a few other mates that would be in on the bulk oil buy too...

mongo. :smitty:
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Mr Amber Ale was correct !

it is the sprag clutch......................
speedy is in at the shop getting fixed now.
waiting another week for the part to arrive, i dunno if i can bear it.
withdrawals have kicked in after a day and a half. plus ive had to cancel my w/e ride!

it would seem this is a common problem for speedys. the shop had to do another sprag last week too...

mongo :smitty: :smitty: :smitty:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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