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Street Squids, Explained!

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hah, the reference to philadelphia's south street is priceless, on any given summer weekend, you can find a row of 20 bikes with guys going from bar to bar in leathers,(bling factor) with a total mileage for the night of 12.
Devious2xs said:
I remember the days when South Street had the best illegal racing in the NorthEast. When the cops showed up, everyone lefts and went over to JFK.

Not that I ever participated in such hooligan activities. ;)

wow, i don't think you could get away with any of that... south street has cops on every corner all the time, jfk is great for wheelies though....
that's where i got popped one of the times,, right near the art museum...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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