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Superbike magazine article

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I just picked up the September issue of the UK magazine "Superbike" (on the US newstands) due to the article on the 955-vs-1050 Speed Triples.

Interesting read.
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IIRC the new superbike magazine next month has a free DVD of the making of the Daytona 675 which is good as tomorrow I'm borrowing a 675 to test ride it. :eek:

Also there are reports of 3 new nakid contenders.

Novembers issue confirmed as having

Tuono 1000R,

Ducati Monster S4s

and BMW K1200R

as the nakeds they test.

The DVD of the 675 aint worth much.

There is a piece on a Rocket with 245 BHP and 230 ft/lbs torque (supercharged).

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