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Superbike! TV show

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The cable TV show Superbikes! is on the Speed Channel right NOW.

It has a visit to the Barber museum, and a bunch of modified Duc Monsturds.
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29Dreams, and AMA Superbike Weekend.

The Duc Monster Challange was weak.
The winning bike was all out of a catalog - and all carbon. Weak.

The paint wasn't very good either. I would prefer road rash over the "tiger" paint.
I liked the one with all the custom work, and the rear fender that looked like scales.

I had hoped they would show more of the museum. It is MUCH larger than what they showed. And lots of super rare bikes.
Come visit.
After the museum, we can ride down to the Florida panhandle and visit Destin and San Destin beaches - some of the nicest white sand beaches in the world. Just don't come in August - you would melt in the heat and humidity.
AlaskaS3 said:
65 and sunny. #3 on my list of rules to live by.
It won't be like that again here until November. ;D
Did it have the big tail on it then?

Looks like a big flag on a kids pedal bike. :-\
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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