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This thread is designed to help members locate good threads on different subjects. It is based on what the members think are helpful threads. Feel free to add to the content here, or use the search function for more information.

1050 S3 Manual
1050 torque specs -
New S3 owner info – lots of good info amid the BS -
Break-in -
Headlight alignment -
Headlight bulbs -
Headlight assembly -
Throttle adjustment -
Oil Filters -
Tank removal -
Side panel removal -
Antifreeze and Coolants -
Paint codes -
Warning tickets – lots of good input from the LEO members -
Valve Shim cross reference -

Performance modifications -
Exhausts -
Weight -
Header work: How to modify the stock header for more flow/power –
Cost effective 1050 mods -
Dyno charts: A thread with several dyno charts of Speed Triples and the modifications made to them –
Getting started and tuning with Tuneboy/TuneEdit
Prime pulse and starting -
More tuning info
TuneBoy Diagnostics -
More exhaust BS than you really want to know
SAI removal -
Cooling system -
Intake mods -
Air filters -
Dyno prep work -

Set up -
Suspension settings for bigger guys -
Ohlins rear shock -
955 GSXR front end swap -

Flasher relay -
DIY coatings and plating -
DIY ceramic coating header -
Mesh for side panels -
Custom gauges Veypor -
Mirrors -

Bleeding your brakes -;topicseen#new
Triumph 1050 brake fix -
955i rear brake issues -
GSXR brakes -
Brake pads -
Brake rotors - lightened/wave rotors -

Different tire brands -
Mounting and balancing -

Great roads in the US -
TS3 Frappr map of members -
Triumph links and resources (after-market links) -
Posting and YOU :eek: -

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1050 S3 Front Brake lever cross reference

I ordered a set of CRG levers for my 1050 S3.
As it turns out the same brake lever fits a bunch of other bikes. I guess several manufacturers must use the same master cylinder.
Attached photos list other manufacturers part no's. So If a 1050 (not sure about other S3's)owner needed a brake lever but couldn't get to, or didn't want to go a Triumph dealer this info might come in handy.

Edited by Dfib to show pics
Thanks Dfib :drink:, couldn't test view last night untill the photos got approved.

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1050 S3 TuneBoy tunes -
or more correctly:

i have had problems viewing the site through chrome and firefox in the past. you can get a great and free ftp client here:

if you upload to my site, please send me a pm letting me know what you sent so i can make it available for download.
feel free to upload all the custom tuneboy tunes you want of any variety, not just speed triples.

i think the manual is on there too.

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Starter and headlight relays are the same part. The Hella relays on my '06 are no longer available by that part number. I found a replacement Hella that works just fine. This is a single-pole double throw, with a diode and resistor for protection of the ECU. Hella part number 4RD 960 388-25.

And a great place to get them - I bought from Susquehanna MotorSports in Fleetwood, PA. I worked with Dave over the phone and he picked out a relay that works fine. And his price was good too - just $8 for the relay.

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So it looks like my first post here is gonna be to bring this oldie-but-goodie back to life.

Tons of great info, and I'm very glad I finally found this thread before I started asking done-to-death questions (for instance, the search function has not been terribly helpful in regards to oil change info). But there is one problem I'm having with nearly all of this information, and that is me not knowing what info here applies to the 1050, the 955i, or if all the info is totally interchangeable between the two. I've only had my 955i ('03) for a few months, and as such am not privy to what the differences are, or even if there ARE any differences aside from the cc rating. So some guidance here would be tremendously appreciated.

I have a Tiger 955i as well as a Speed Triple 1050. The 955i and 1050 are very much alike at the motor, but there are many other differences as well. There use to be a 955i thread here somewhere. Try the link below:
Speed Triple 955i 02-04

If you cant find what you're looking for, just ask. Plenty of peeps here either had or currently have the 955i.

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The links for the manual no longer work. Does anyone have a new link?

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