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Suspension Set ?

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Was just wondering who has done what as far as suspension set up is concerned ?
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I plan to be installing this kit...

in the next week or so. ;D Hopefully, it will make it easier to encounter twisty roads like this... :violent1: ;D

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whats taking you so long cheap? :eek:
briank said:
whats taking you so long cheap? :eek:
yeah I know Brian, time, precious time! :violent1:
What do you have there? Stiffer springs? Thicker oil? Do tell.
Alaska, it is a kit that Hyperpro offers that I just thought I'd give a try. I got the kit from Steve Larson, so again, I got a deal. ;D Can't beat Steve for a great deal. I found this article an interesting read on the kit...

Although the read is about an FZ1, I found it very interesting. I should have mine installed very soon. :horse:

Did you ever get these installed? Just looking to see what other suspension options there are out there. i'd love to hear about it!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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