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T-shirt idea

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I am thinking about having some t-shirts made.

Below is a variation of what I used on the back of some racing shirts in the past.
I want to make is look similar to the Surgeon General's warning on a pack of cigaretts.

The front will have a stylized line drawing of an S3 with "Speed Triple" above it, and "Triumph" below.

Repeated views of the tail light on this bike has been known to cause:
Uncontrollable rage, tourette syndrome, and irreparable damage to the ego.
Left untreated, this can eventually result in a severe shrinking of the wallet, and a growth of damaged parts in the garage.

Cocky, but fun. ;)

Give me some input here.
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I have one from when I had a was a picture of a ZRX in a power wheelie and below it it said "try to keep up, OK?"
thegoat said:
I will eventually get around to doing an oil painting of something with Speedy in it or just one of Speedy.
You can hate it if it sucks...
Just don`t hate it if it is Roulette Green.
Sounds good to me...all of the other colors suck.
1 - 2 of 77 Posts
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