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Bought a 1998 speedy with electrical issues. traced back to the blue earth block.
Ive done the grounding mod to the wiring, and the bike now runs, so hopefully that rules out the blue block of death.
at some point during my investigations/fixing the alternator packed up.
pulled it apart and found the inner most brush got way hot and had melted the plastic holder. bought a new brush pack and new regulator.
fitted new parts, fired the bike up, watched the voltage go from 12.4v (at the main alternator terminal to battery ground) to 14.4v and then within seconds, the new regulator blew and im back down to battery voltage.
stripped it down, checked wiring terminals, circuit resistance etc but i have no idea why the reg failed.

as i understand the wiring, the bike cranks over fine, so im *assuming* the main ground (and ground to the alternator) is good. (there is one heavy gauge earth wire and another tag with two lighter gauge earths under one bolt through the body of the alternator, and the bolt is tight) then there is the a live switched, low current feed to the regulator and the third connection is the main heavy gauge +ve wire back to the battery.

i guess my basic questions are - 1, what would cause the brushes to pull that much current to overheat (yeah, bad connection, higher resistance, higher current) and 2, any idea why the new regulator would fail so fast?
i have another regulator on order but dont want to instantly fry that too.
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