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Ok, I'm replacing my stock guages with my Veypor VR2 and a Motosign LED bar for the trouble lights. So far I know what all the wires do except for 5. I'm looking at the wiring diagram, but of course they don't give details of how individual parts work, or where the wiring goes after the ECU (4 of these wires go directly to the ECU then who knows where).

SO, if anyone has the wiring diagram handy (I can scan and post it if necessary), could you tell me what the following wires do on the 'Instrument Assembly';

#16 YW - (goes to ECU)
#2 R - (goes to ECU)
#1 OB - (goes to ECU)
#14 RO - (goes to ECU)

#5 O - (goes to Alarm, Diagnostic connector, & fuse block)\

The circuits I need to track down are;

-Water Temp
-Water Temp Warning
-Oil Temp Warning (possibly the same wires as the water temp warning LED...)
-Check Engine Light

I think I've got the rest sorted. If anyone can help; reply, shoot me an email, PM, anything!

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Ok, #1 OB seems to be the negative end for the check engine light, but all the other wires I listed including a black wire managed to get it to light up in varying degrees... Tried various combinations of other wires and didn't manage to get the temp sensor or oil/coolant warning light to come on.

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With some help from Tony Woodhouse on;

Ok, it looks like on page 9.64, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp is GR/OB.

Low Fuel Warning Lamp is GR/BG

Coolant Temp Guage is GR/YW/B (are most coolant temp guages 3-wire? Planning to do a small digital temp guage)

Techometer is GR/R/B

Speedo is pin 14 RO wire

Ok, so where is the Oil Pressure Warning LED? Hrmmmm...

The wiring diagram on 16.23 shows pins 6 (B) & 4 (GR again suprise suprise) for the Oil Pressure LED. The thing that confuses me is that black is generally ground, but this GR wire seems to be the common ground for all the LEDs...?

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Kuhlka - looks like the oil pressure indicator is a black wire running to the cluster. Pin 6 in the instrument wiring cluster. Looks like the ground runs right off the oil pressure switch, so the black off the other side should be the power right? Or is it a ground wire all the way through and the light is illuminated by the oil pressure switch closing the circuit and allowing the ground wire to work?

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Ok, here we go. This is my best guess and what I'll attempt tomorrow;

1 - Trouble LED (check engine) lead

2 - Tach lead

3 - Instrument Illumination lead

4 - Common Ground for 1 (CE led) ,2 (tach) ,6 (Oil pressure led), 8 (chassis GND), 9 (N led), 15 (low fuel), 16 (tach ground)

5 - Main Power lead

6 - Oil Pressure LED lead

7 - Wheel Speed lead

8 - Chassis Ground for Coolant Temp Guage & Tach

9 - Neutral LED lead

10 - High Beam LED (ground?)

11 - High Beam LED (lead?)

12 - Indicator Warning LED (lead?)

13 - Indicator Warning LED (ground?)

14 - Speedo lead

15 - Low Fuel LED lead

16 - Coolant Temp lead
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