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Tank Badges

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How come they don`t make metal tank badges for the speed triple?
I always thought that would look 8)
Is it because they want to shave weight?

I remember on the thruxton forum reading about a tankbag rubbing through the clearcoat and taking the decal off.
Anyone have that problem with the speed triples decals?
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premier said:
I think it's because a metallic tank pad would scratch just like the tank. And since the idea of having a tank pad is not to have scratches... ;D
Not Tank Pad, Tank Badge ,like the Logo on the older bikes,and Thruxtons and Bonnies instead of just a decal under clearcoat a raised metal logo.
The Speedy tank is plastic???
cheapbastard said:
thegoat said:
The Speedy tank is plastic???
yes, but some 07's have metal tanks!?! :violent1: Don't ask why, who knows when the switch was made!
Mine is an `07 .I`ll hold a torch flame to it,if it melts,I`ll know it`s plastic.Now I got to get rid of it before i even get it :mad:
I`m picking mine up in about 10 hours 32 minutes and 29 seconds...28...27....26....25....24......
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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