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Tank Range

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Just bought myself a 2006 S3. What sort of milage to a full tank should I expect?
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I get about 160kms from full to fuel low light.
With dyno tuning using Tuneboy, I managed to get 52mpg on a trip out to Saint Louis and back. I maintained 80mph pretty much the whole way on the freeway. Not sure if the 1050 could get the same as I'm on a 955, but I'd bet if you leaned out some of the richness you'd notice a bump up in performance and fuel economy.

Doing a fork swap on my bike then later hopefully a supercharger in the fall or winter. Then we'll REALLY see what kind of economy a high HP/tq S3 can get! 120ft lbs, anyone?
pretty tame riding Friday, got 142 miles before fuel light, usually 130 ish. approx 3.5 gal used
The 1050 definitly does NOT get as good mileage as the previous years bikes. The absolute best I have gotten out of my bike is 39.7 MPG. I actualy calculated this, not using Triumphs very optimistic computer. I average about 36 MPG. So figureing the tank is 4.8 gallons you are looking at a range of 172 miles on average. This is with mostly commuting 80-85mph average, and few twisties each tank.
jackelmatador said:
So figureing the tank is 4.8 gallons you are looking at a range of 172 miles on average.
I didn't think the tank would hold that much? ??? I thought it was like a 3.95 gallon tank, or something close like that. I didn't think it was over 4 gallons. So what is the fuel capacity?
Last weekend my light came on at 200km. 20km later when I filled up it took 12l. Best I've gone is 325km and put 19l in to fill. I usually cruise at the ton on the freeway or at least shift at 80% of redline 50% of the time (wow, I sound like a statitician during election time).
I ran out of gas one time at 206 miles on the clock.

But now I run out much sooner, and I don't know why. My light comes on at 125miles now :(
First time the light came on at 100 mls, this time I had clocked 135 mls, but no light! Bottled it and filled up anyway, not sure how reliable it is :-\
Have got 290km's out of a tank and still had a litre to go,that was fairly sedate riding though.
My tune is a bit rich now and I get between 110-140 mpg before the light comes on. The light comes on after using 3.5 gallons though so I wonder what the average for that is? Oh, and don't let the guys from the UK worry you, their gallons are larger.
if i top my bike off at each fillup, i will go about 130 miles before the reserve light hits me in the eyes.
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