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The finer things in life - Booze

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Favorites in my booze cabinet include:

Bookers, Eagle Rare, Knob Creek


Captain Morgan Private Stock
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Clown Oil (Crown Royal) and kegs of Becks.
Canadian Club,Jim Beam(anything except white label)Drinking makes me a really good bloke,just ask me.
Bucket ;D
Just got onto Slate bourbon,ooh yeah! :drink:
Guiness, Murphy's, Jager Bombs, Bailey's w milk (good night-time snack drink)

Bailey's milkshake anyone?
Catahoulabulldog said:
Jägermeister..... MR!
Jag - Uuuuuhhhgg  I would rather suck on the ass end of a menstrating skunk

What about Irish car bombs - Guiness, Baileys and ??? - I don't remember much but think they were really good!
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Greene King IPA

Glen Moray

Wells Organic Cider

dfib said:
What about Irish car bombs - Guiness, Baileys and ??? - I don't remember much but think they were really good!
Your missing ingredient is Bushmills.
Tanqueray 10

I think maybe we overdo it a little. While on vacation with my brothers family last summer my 10 year old niece drew a picture for me. It was a martini glass with the caption "The True Meaning of Life"!
brother in law makes a good porter stout. home brew is good. any stout is good come to think of it. guinness or killians for after work. don't touch the hard stuff anymore. get to wound up on it?!! bad spell with a large dose of wild turkey once turned me to beer only.

My wild turkey story goes something like this -

I was having a little bit of whiskey, and watching a Jesse James special on TV. I walk out to the garage to smoke a coffin nail and look at the front fender on my HD and think to myself "that's a little bland, I wonder what it would look like if I took the angle grinder to it???" Sooooo 10 minutes later the air compressor is running, sparks are flying, and now the front fender is pointy and sharp enough to impale a large animal. A little paint was applied - and now the fender is different enough it gets compliments on a regular basis. Gotta love the courage whiskey gives you. :eek:
Have to say I'm very partial to the liquid cocaine that is Tequila. Only the good stuff mind, like Patron or Don Julio. Wakes me right up.
Crown and coke go down nice and easy most often but lately I've been all over tequila sunrise. favorite shot right now is a washington apple ( equal parts crown, apple pucker, and cranberryjuce) or Jose Cuervo Black. I've tried Patron, Cabo and some other top shelf tequila but cuervo black IMO is smoother.


actually...Meligro Tequila...Sam Adams Black Lager....Capt...

hey all you kiwi's!!!! ever been in Hamilton to the Outback and have a Backdraft???? wowowowowowowowowow
Will I get :devi: if I say I don't drink.
my therapist says i'm an alcoholic and need to cut down on the drinking. :jerkoff:
thats what you get for listening to your massage therapist :slap: :popcorn:
Grey Goose Vodka and red bull, instant Brass balls, and I love a pint or three of my favorite Strongbow English Cider. It hits like a swift kick in the nuts out of nowhere. It's hard to find here in the good old US.
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