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The Handlebar Modification/Replacement Thread

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I see some other folks are having second thoughts about the stock bars, and I am as well, but I figured rather than take up more space in the General forum, I'd bring it up here.

Now, the TT has clip-ons and the BMW has the very narrow "Euro" bars to go with its "S" fairing. They're even narrower than the TT. I like the narrow width, and even prefer having to use a little extra effort at steering input.

My initial idea was to cut the stock bars down a half inch at a time and stop where I felt comfortable. FWIW, I did this to my Jamis mountain bike too - wide bars are just not my thing.

But Triumph has welded lugs about an inch and a half into the bars, sorta precluding using bar-ends or even weights.

Of course, I could try to find some kind of bushing to use rather than the one that comes with the mirrors. But I was wondering if anyone here has had any success knocking out the lugs on the inside of the bars. I haven't looked too closely - if it's just a tack weld, maybe I can get the trust Dremel in there and grind it out.

Option two would be to spend the $60-70 on Renthals or Rizomas (thanks for the links, folks) and cut them to suit.

Option three would be to go for the clip-ons, and I'm tempted, but being almost as Cheap as some other folks here, I'd hate to spend the $$$ and then find I didn't like 'em.

So how 'bout it? Anybody chop their bars and still use bar-ends? Other handlebar mods or ideas?
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:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: I'm curious to hear what has been tried myself.
I bought some Renthals from someone, can't remember who, and cut
1 1/4" off each end. I like the way they feel, a lot.
I'm using Motrax bar and mirrors clamped over the end of the bars, plugged the hole in the end (and it's way smaller than the steel bars as the bars are a good thickness of aluminium) with a plastic plug I bought from Ace.
I have some Woodcrafts to try, but haven't had time or inclination yet, as I am getting used to the narrower Renthals now. BTW no extra or different vibration, they feel the same.
See, that's sorta what I was thinking - even if I sprung for a different set o' bars, they'd be the thicker aluminum and I'd have the same problem with the Amazing Expanding Rubber Plug Gizmo on the Napoleons anyway - and then be out more $$$ for bar end weights and maybe the CRGs that go over those.

I may just end up cutting the stock bars an' seein' if I can try to McGuyver up a solution using whatever remotely near-sized generic bushing I can find at a hardware or auto parts store, or maybe even bicycle shop, and if that doesn't work, I could hang the stock mirrors on while I wait for another set of whatever I get if that doesn't work.

I may get clip-ons, but even cheap ones are the price of two track days.
I just got back from vacation to find my Hagon low bar waiting for me. I was very excited, until I remembered the reason that I pulled the trigger on the bar. THe GSXR swap I did had shorter lines and rather than paying $90 for new lines, why not buy that low bar I wanted right? So I go the bar, I later learned that there was a problem with the brakes parts I bought and as of now I don't have a clue as to what the problem is.

However, the bar is tight, it's wide like the stock ones, when I mount it I may cut an inch off each side. Looks like the CRG mirror I bought wil Clamp on the bar as well.
I got the bar here It's not pictured, but it's the HAG 7 bar. It looks almost flat and straight, I'll post up some pics.
I put a Renthal mini low on my speedy. Cut .75 " off each side. I wish it had a little more pull back or angle on the bar , and was narrower. I have a brembo master and everything is tucked in as close to the bend as possible and it is still too wide. But, I'm getting used to it. I like the look of the fat bar , but I may try a superbike bend. The mini low has 2.80 mm of rise. 29 inch width
Mounted the new bar yesterday, heres some pics to compare it to stock.

Havn't ridden on it yet, Spanky and I are meeting up in a few minutes, I'll take some pics of it on the bike and post em up today.
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Devi may have mentioned this, but it's also very easy to remove the lower bar clamps from the upper triple clamp and mill some material of the bottom to lower your bars. I just took ~10mm off mine, and the difference is really pleasant - I don't feel as cramped in the cockpit, and it's much easier to get low and forward in the corners. Bike seems to hold a line better midcorner, as well.

I may take another few mm, but I'm debating clip-ons and/or fab'ing my own version of the Suburban Machinery bars.
Just got back from the Ride.... I don't know about these bars... They are low which I like, but have too little pull back. On the Freeway it was nice, but in town it's gruelling. I thought maybe I could trim them down some, but the low rise limits inwardmovement, I've got about a 1/2" before the clutch touches the preload adjuster.

I do like that it's low it felt really good through some of the better known roadsI havn't really made up my mind, If there was a little more pull back on the bars they'd be perfect, it may just take some getting used to.

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Great thread boys.
I've just bought some flat bars off ebay for £7; they are a bit tatty but like some of you boys have said I too am a bit Cheap. If they are NG they will be adopted as a extension bar on my tool box. If they are OK they'll be painted and kept onboard.
I have Lucas Superbike gold anodized. Nice match with the fork legs. They are slightly wider than stock but the bend is not that much different.
j-pip love your front fender, go naked! Let us know if you get used to those bars, they look hot.
I don't think I can get used to the bars, it wasn't the lower position that bothered me, but the angle at which my wrists were at. I emailed Irfan at Wild hair and he's going to let me mail em back and ship me the GSG low bar which has a bit more pull back.

I've got the front fender back on too, I took it off while fucking with the brakes and tried the fenderless look. I like the look, but not the rocks.
bar was too straight?? :eboy:

could ya try to bend the bar?
I thought about bending the bars, but, it would probably be more trouble than getting a new one. If needed I can machine the risers also, but i'll probably leave them alone and get clipons for a lower position.
That's a perfect looking height, but ya, I kin see where you'd need some angle back with those. It'll be interesting to see what the GSGs are like.

Right now, my latest wild hair (no relation to the vendor) is the Vortex clip-ons, black anodized.

I got a little time to think about it. Unless the llamas come down from the mountain with the Sacred Gizmo of the Apocalypse (the priest promised he'd send it), my weekend project will be BMW maintenance. If the Sacred Gizmo arrives, I'll do both. Handlebars are next weekend.
Height wise I really liked the bar, it was nice in a tuck, but when you sat up it was really hard on the inner wrist. If they had some pullback they'd be great. The GSG's look like they'll be a good in between bar. I like the Vortex too, But if i did clips on's i'd probably go with the LSL match. Of couse you need to have a bracket to mount the instument cluster to the forks so the clip ons won't hit it. (one thing after another). I'm impressed with Irfan at wildhair, real good guy.
I tried to fit some Renthal flat bars at the weekend, much too short, should have checked before ordering really  :jerkit:  Anyone know who makes the bars for the MONSTER S4R (Ducati?!!!), they look about right for rise and pullback?
Johnny5 - PM me if you're interested in letting those Renthals go for cheap...I have Renthal Street Ultra-Lows right now, still looking to go lower!
I realised a simple way to try flat bars without major expense. I got a 1m peice of 22mm OD circular hollow section from a local steel stockist. Free cos it was in the scrap bin. Cut it to 33inches and tested it on my bike in the garage. Then 31" and finally 29" my conclusion was all were no good; it needs a pull back.

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