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The Tankslapper

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My buddy and I just put this on our S3's. His is the slow fugly yellow and mine is the faster white ;D

The product goes on easy and looks great! Excellent product especially for the price.

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Already use it, good stuff. And, fuck the Canucks, Go wings. :pow: :twofinger:
GREAT GAME 7, Bring on the Ducks.... :drink:
That was a good game, definitely. :popcorn: Any time the Stinking Stars or Broke back Cowboys get beat, It's a good game. :twofinger:
I have the tankslapper. On a plastic tank it realy helps with the soft finish. On a metal tank I would not worry about it.
+1 on the tankslapper as well. I tend to use my knees (and abs) instead of weighting my arms, and it's held up well.
Last night I got in to a mean thigh slapper.....thought I was gonna lose her for a minute.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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