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This guy has some very valid points...

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I'm not supposed to be talking to you... Or be on ebay in another window.
Out of 31 sites on my "favorites" list, 17 are motorcycle related. ::)
Man can you imagine this guy being obsessed about motorcycles? Man what a dwebe!
I have 31 motorcycle-related links on my favorites list (if you count Jennings, Moroso, and Barber)
well, i'm worse then most of you guys. while i don't have quite as many motorcyle sites i visit daily (actually, just five), but i also have a dozen car sites, half a dozen photography sites, a couple computer/notebook sites, a couple home audio site, and a couple car audio sites. i'd say 40% of my work hours are lost to these sites. :p
Under no circumstances should you marry a woman who shares your interest.
We got a problem...

1 05 Speed Triple
1 06 FJR
1 06 SV 650
2 TTR 125
1 TTR 230
1 Rm 65
1 07 Honda 150R
1 05 05 DRZ 400 supermoto
1 04 KTM 625 supermoto

the TTR 230 was sold last weekend
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hairball, have I ever told ya how much you suk?!? :finger: Very nice collection. :pow: :pow: :pow:
-Been riding since I was 4

-Have 5 different jackets and 3 helmets

-My garage is full of tools and my bike. The car stays outside.

-I have over 200 motorcycle-related links. I didn't actually count them all, but I had everything on the 'aftermarket parts list' I started and many more.

-I took a tour of Greece on a motorcycle.

-Our wedding featured our motorcycles and I wore a 45T sprocket instead of a sporran with my kilt.

Need I list more?
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cheapbastard said:
hairball, have I ever told ya how much you suk?!? :finger: Very nice collection. :pow: :pow: :pow:
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