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Throttle shifting

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I was curious how many of you don't use the clutch on an upshift, just preload the shifter and blip the throttle off and back on. I tried it yesterday, and damn if it doesn't make for a smooth shift. Does anyone know of any potential for damage to the tranny, Devious you seem to be the technical expert.
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I used to shift my old karmann ghia without the clutch all the time, in a similar way. I think if you don't force it, it does no harm. Ulitmately you are getting both shafts in the tranny running at the exact same speed, so they just slide together.

Also, most bike riders I know (except those with HD trannys) shift clutchless all the time.

Yeah, but why would you want to do that? ???
Faster smoother shift. ;D Unfortunately it also eliminates those horrible wheelies when you aren't spot on with the clutch! :mad: :smitty:
I do it occasionally.
I tend to blip the throttle a touch when using the clutch as well to help speed up the gears when engaging them. It is an old habit that I do on cars as well. Ever driven an old truck without synchros in the trans?

Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the Triumph trans to say what can be damaged - if anything.

On a trans with synchronizers, it can cause synchro wear on the edges if you are not smooth.
On a dog box or cartridge design, it shouldn't be an issue.
I never use the clutch on my 250cc dirt bike or 125cc shifter kart - up or down. Just back off the throttle a hair for the upshift and BANG! I've tried it on the Speedy, but I can't manage as smooth as shift, prolly because of the engine braking difference from two-smoke to 4-stroke. I'll use the clutch until I can work out a smooth clutchless shift. The shop manual claims the S3 gearbox is a cassette type, so clutchless shifts shouldn't hurt it at all.
Devious2xs said:
Ever driven an old truck without synchros in the trans?
Yes i just started a '64 Chevy c20 hotrod project (400hp 350 in friends garage) and I can say the lack of synchros is noticeable to say the least. No synchros + 3 on the tree= great combo :p Cant wait to get the rock crusher in ;D
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