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Tire balancing

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I thought this was as close to any proper place to start this thread, so bear with me.

So I changed tires before my trip to OH last week and forgot about the issues with balancing speedy's rear tire (balancer didn't have proper cones for it)......left in a bit of a pickle, I remembered that I had some little ceramic beads that are meant to go inside tires for "active balancing", meaning that the beads move around (via centrifugal force) to the spot where the weight needs to be. I do not know anyone personally that has used these things, I had purchased them for my rigid frame as it likes to eat rear tires in a funny wear pattern even after balancing. I approach such things warily as it just seems too good to be true in my book, but I figured since I had zero balancing going on it was worth a shot.

Anyway, I verified that I had the proper amount from the manuf. website and decided to install them. They are a bit of a pain to feed into the valve stem, but not impossible. If I had thought before airing up the tire I could have tossed in the whole little bag with just a piece of tape to hold it closed until things got hairy inside the tire.

After riding to OH and back, I feel that they have done a good job of keeping things rolling properly but I still have some questions concerning them. I will email the manuf. and ask, then report back to you guys (and girls).

The maker's website:

The questions I will be asking:
1. In a tight corner, after slowing down for entry won't the beads fall down and therefore create an "out of balance" situation?

2. What happens to the beads when a large bump in the road is encountered? Surely they must be scattered out upon impact with the bump right?

Disclaimer: according to their FAQ's...I am not supposed to be running these in a low profile tire (under aspect ratio of 70, speedy's rear is a 55), so I am not recommending these to anyone, just sharing my experience.
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