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Tire Weights?

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I find it amazing that the weight of motorcycle tires is not a commonly known statistic. On a bike, the weight is a bigger issue than on a car, yet I have been unable to find tire weights from the manufacturers or online. And the magazines don't seem to care - not that this really surprises me. :violent1:

Please help to compile a list of tire brands, styles, sizes, weights, and the weight needed to balance any tires you can weigh.

I am particularly interested in the sport and road tire weights (front and rear) for the various tires many of us use on the S3 and other sport bikes. I will go to a few shops with a scale and see what I can find.

Thanks for your help.
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Darn, just had tires mounted wish I had seen this post sooner I would have weighed them for you.

Hmm, details I can give are:

Subject: 03 Triple
Tire Company: Conti
Model of Tire: Road Attacks (Went with a the 90 rear this time around have an 80 at a friends house so I can weigh that for you when I get a chance.
Amount to balance: Front (.5) Grams, rear none

So far impressions are way more grip than I was expecting from a Sport touring tire... I have also had the privilege of tossing a few emails back and forth with the North American Sales manager for Conti, who ironically owns a 06 speed trip and says he loves it, as a previous owner of quite a few other bikes it seems.

He tossed me a few nice articles about the tire, including some impressions from the test track in Germany, of riders there, one such document makes statements that the closed test track has bankings at 86degrees, comparing this to daytona and its 36degree banking.

Do you have any interest in mileage numbers or is that to much of a variable (temp/rider/conditions) to collect data on Dev?
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I just ordered a set of Pirelli Diablo Corsa III's so will let you know when I get them.

I got them today (9 June 07) & took them to the post office to weigh on their scales:


PIRELLI DIABLO CORSA III 180/55ZR-17 REAR - 13 lb 3 oz


I got a new rear (7 July 07) to put on whenever Michelin gets me a new front to replace the recalled one.

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT 180/55ZR-17 REAR - 12 lb 7 oz (12 oz lighter than the Pirelli)
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i weighed a 180 Pirelli Diablo STRADA 180/55 - 17 on my bathroom scale(all i have) and it was 14lbs. the rear rim on the same scale was 10lbs for reference.
couple of years ago I found information about the weight of the BT 010 tyres, as they where adventising the tyres being light. i think the data was on manufacturers page or somewhere. BT 010 have nylon or some 'non steel' belts, so they are quite light. over 1kg lighter rear tyre compared to regular rear if I remember correctly. that is a lot.
Got this from a post by vizsladog on CycleForums...

Race Tires:

1. Michelin Power Race 20 Ibs. 14 oz.
2. Pirelli Super Corsa Pro 22 Ibs. 1 oz.
3. Bridgestone Battlax BT002 23 Ibs. 10 oz.
4. Dunlop Sportmax GP 24 Ibs. 14 oz.

High-performance street/Track day Tires:

1. TIE, Avon Azaro/Metzeler Sportec M1 20 Ibs. 14 oz.
2. Pirelli Diablo Corsa 21 Ibs. 4 oz.
3. TIE, Bridgestone Battlax BT014/ Michelin Pilot Power 21 Ibs. 5 oz.
4. Dunlop D208 GP 22 Ibs. 11 oz
5. Continental Conti Force Max 23 Ibs. 1 oz.
6. Maxxis Supermaxx 24 Ibs. 1 oz.

Manufacturer, model of tire, compound, size, manufacture date code, country of manufacture:

Race Tires:

Bridgestone, Battlax BT002F Racing, Type 3,120/70-ZR17,0904, Japan
Bridgestone, Battlax BT002R Racing, Type 3,190/50-ZR17, 0704, Japan

Dunlop, Sportmax GP, 758,120/70-ZR17,4904, England
Dunlop, Sportmax GP, 313,190/60-ZR17, 0705, England

Michelin, Power Race, Medium, 120/70-ZR17, 3904, France
Michelin, Power Race, Medium, 190/50-ZR17, 3604, France

Pirelli, Super Corsa Pro, SC2,120/70-ZR17,4704, Germany
Pirelli, Super Corsa Pro, SC2,190/55-ZR17, 4004, Germany

High-performance Street/Track Day Tires:

Avon, Azaro AV49-SP Pro Series, 120/70-ZR17, 2904, England
Avon, Azaro AV50-SP Pro Series, 180/55-ZR17, 4202, England

Bridgestone, Battlax BT014F, 120/70-ZR17, 2704, Japan
Bridgestone, Battlax BT014R, 180/55-ZR17,2004, Japan

Continental, ContiForce Max, 120/70-ZR17,1304, Korea
Continental, ContiForce Max, 180/55-ZR17,1903, Germany

Dunlop, Sportmax D208F GP, 120/70-ZR17,4104, USA
Dunlop, Sportmax D208 GP-A JLB, 180/55-ZR17, 3904, USA

Maxxis, Supermaxx, 120/70-ZR17,1004, Taiwan
Maxxis, Supermaxx, 180/55-ZR17, 3204, Taiwan

Metzeler, SporTec M1,120/70-ZR17, 4003, Germany
Metzeler, SporTec M1,180/55-ZR17,4903, Germany

Michelin, Pilot Power, 120/70-ZR17,1804, Spain
Michelin, Pilot Power, 180/55-ZR17, 2504, France

Pirelli, Diablo Corsa, 120/70-ZR17, 3903, Germany
PirellLDiablo Corsa, 180/55-ZR17, 2204, Germany
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