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Tokico front calipers

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Here's some pictures of what I want:

I did this upgrade for my hawk gt, and the setup felt better than my speed3, and the hawk only had 1 caliper.
So my plan is to make some of these adapters for the speed 3. They would be machined out of aluminium.

How many peoples would be interested in buying a set of these adapters?

I'm not even sure if it's possible yet, but I don't see any problems in my head (well, excluding the obvious ones).

I aslo have no idea about the price, but the hawk adapter is $104 for just one. I don't know if he is turning a profit on them or not, I would imagine something though.

I need to contact him, but he's out of town for 2 weeks.
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I've got a set of those tokicos along with a set of TL1000R forks with Ohlins internals. I was originally going to put them on, but went the easy route instead with the GSXR swap. If anyone is interested and has a good machinist buddy who can make a top triple and spacer kit, I'll gladly unload these forks and brakes. The forks come with a lower triple. Otherwise, I'll sell it all on ebay to try and make back what I paid for em.
How much for the TL1000R set up Kuhlka? I can't wait to see your bike after it's front end is all done.
I'd sell the whole thing for $250. I probably paid around $400 for the Forks, Six-pot Tokico calipers (need a rebuild kit), and lower triple. You'd probably be best off having a good machinist make a set of custom triples using the S3 stem. That way you could retain the stock bearings and everything and not have to pay $30 a bearing for tapered roller bearings like I'm doing.

I've seen some guys on with TL1000R forks and they look great on the silver frame bikes.
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