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Too much oil. What to do?

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I just changed the oils and ended up filling it too much. The oil level is about 5mm over the top marker. Should I drain the excess oil out or just let it be? What happens if I leave it there? Will it mess up the engine operation? Or spill the excess oil out somehow?
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Drain a bit out. :wave:
You are better with a slightly low oil level than with a slightly high one.

To reduce the oil level, just loosen the oil drain plug (over a pan), and by hand slowly turn the plug until oil leaks out. watch the oil level, and only drain as much as is needed.

High oil levels will cause the crankshaft, connecting rods, and transmission gears to pick up more oil and sling it around in the sump and bottom end of the engine - called windage. Windage will cause the oil to foam and aerate it as it picks up air in the foam. Excessive oil on the bore walls is more work on the oil rings, and can build up on the piston skirts and bottoms.

All of this increases pumping losses, reduces power, and can also cause blown oil seals on the crankcase.
OK. Thanks for the advice :)

I'm just afraid I'll end up going back and fort with the oil level. Drain too much, add too much and so on ;D I hate screwing the oil level meter in and out. That bugger is tight! :'(
Just drain a little at a time. Still requires checking it several times, but you don't need to add unless you screw up.

Just don't screw up. ;D
Devious2xs said:
Just don't screw up. ;D
Then how's he gonna learn?

Most of what I know comes from breaking something FIRST.

OK. So of course I ended up draining too much and had to add a little more again :violent1:

The oil level is ok now. Too bad the fix for the leak didn't work and I found another! So more putty! Don't really have options here :mad:
I would expect to find more leaks once the engine is up and running due to pressure, heat, and vibration.

keep an eye out for them.
If you changed the oil filter and didn't add oil to it, it'll take up the rest. If not. Use your wifes, girfriends or moms turkey baster to draw it out of the fill. Less mess.
Typical well-documented failure associated with overfilling Triumph Triples is it will blow out the output shaft oil seal (behind primary sprocket).
Remove the excess oil before you run & find it gets to that stage!
If you find a small drip from the bottom of the sprocket cover, too late!
Raising this one from the dead. :dslap: So I might have done this considering i know have an oil leak after a oil change. I have a 00. And looks like its coming from the crank case over on the left. Not positive on the name of the cover so ill post a picture.
not sure why it comes up upside down on here haha but i think you get the drift...
I never aim to fill it to the top mark. MAX is almost too much and MIN is almost too little. Mid level is the correct one.
I always overfill. never noticed any problems. little over the hash area is fine. i usually check the oil without screwing the dipstick in. I just dip it and if the tip touches the oil it's fine.

What is the angle of your bike when you check it?

On the sidestand, or something under the stand to make it sit more upright?
Dipstick fully in, stand bike up to normal riding position, check dipstick.

You don't need to prop it up, just as long as you stand the bike up for a second. (This might sound like stating the obvious, but I have seen a guy trying to check the dipstick while he was sitting on the bike. "How else can I check the level" was his brainstorm of an answer?) :violent1:
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