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tors tune

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anyone got the origanal triumph tors tune..or is it even available
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Are you talking about the Triumph versions, or the ones for Tuneboy?
I had the original TORS tune on my 2005 bike.

There have been a couple of non-SAI TORS tunes that I know about.
can the Triumph tors versions be downloaded to bike using the tune boy.

Tunes 20102 and 20088 are both the original TORS tunes (with and without SAI), and available by downloading them from the TuneBoy site.
thanks devi

is 20102 a exact copy of the tors tune .

smells a bit rich since the tune above was loaded ,i had the tors tune on before.would of liked to put back to tors just to compare
how about if i got the tors put back on bike at triumph.
then would i be able identify it and save it to my tune boy folder.?

i know there are a few changes like idle revs and prime pulse and speedo adjustment.but would like to compare on the the moment with 20102 its feeling a bit rough at 3-4 k
Triumph tunes are not .dat files, so Tuneboy cannot save them. This is why the stock files are available on the TuneBoy site.

A bit of tuning can fix the 2800-4000 rpm issues. If you PM me a list of what you have done - SAI/no SAI, exhaust, etc., I can alter a tune to better match your needs. It wouldn't be perfect, just better.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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