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Track Day pics

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These first two pics you may have to click on to see:

Here's the truck with Speedy track-ready...

The compound: a Triumph, a Beemer, and 3 Ducs (note the Triumph's preferential position!)

Brand new set of Pilot Powers after 2-1/2 hours on the track:

Should have a nice long video clip soon!
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awesome pics kart! I especially like the 1st linked pic! 8) Can't wait to see the video. :popcorn:
Couple more:

The Ducs I was trying to follow when I blew Turn 8 and went agricultural:

Halfway thru the carousel - the first turn I touched knee in (not this session, tho ::))

These two in series, you can see me& Speedy EAT UP an R1 (?) on corner entry!
that's an R6 Kart, but that makes it even more awesome that you eat him up on corner speed. ;D Great pics man, you gotta buy some of those.
Sweet pictures!!! That's what I like to see!!!
BTW topic but did you go see tool yet?...just found out my wife got me tix for father's day! :pow:
unable to see the linked photos.
Links are dead for me too. Hopefully the server is just down or something.
Ya - I tried to link thru from the guy's main site, and it's down from there, too. Hope the hot links didn't kill it - don't know why they would...
The links are all working at the moment. Nice pics!
once again Kart, if ya don't buy that 1st linked pic yer a fool. Awesome shot. 8)
Oh, I bought a large handful...don't worry!

VIDEO CLIP: [video=youtube;zPZ5mLyJPmM]][/video]

The Setup: This guy was on a 999 - this clip was early in the day, when I was still pussyfooting around other riders and following slower riders thru the turns rather than just outbraking them. He goes by me under accleration once, probably because I was waiting for the feeling that my tires were good and warm. The next time around, he can't hang under acceleration (Devi's Arrow tune RULES!) and I slowly gap him the rest of the way around.

Kartstar, some nice riding!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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