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At the request of our buddy the CHEAP One ( we don't like cager pics on the Triumph

Team Obsolete Porsche 911 RSR again at Road America PCA race.

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Amateur stuff only/PCA/Historic about six years. Did okay, crashed bad only once,
had lots of fun, spent tons of money.

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my best finishes were approximately qualifying position in the field. but i was doing this for fun.
No one ever won anything. One of my favorite stories was a Porsche race at Putnam
just outside Indy. Because my Porsche 930 turbo had been modified the officials put
me in GT-1 ( the fastest class----A BLACK TURBO!!!) but the car was a street car against
full race cars. So I qualified last of course. The officials told me on the grid that by the qualifying lap times the pole sitter could lap me at lap 7.
so, here goes.. Lap 7...I am half way down the main straight in my (very fast--12 sec quarter, 165 MPH at Michigan an still accelerating before the infield turn in car) and I just see a quick flash of the head lights of a car about 1/4 mile behind me. I am doing about
110 with a 1/4 mile to go before a 90degree 40 MPH right hand turn.

So, here goes---I am on the brakes HARD ( giant IMSA brakes)---my mirrors are FULL of headlights----I
hear a Devilish sound--like a F-15 Strike Eagle on afterburner------

I keep my line, body hard against the harness,eyeballs being sucked out and the
$1,000,000 privateer Porsche Lowenbrau 962 is beside my, around the turn. by the time
I am around the turn the 962 is GONE.
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