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Trident (Wolf) new shorty silencer

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It looks like Trident has come out with a new shorty silencer for the 02 - 06 (inc DSSA) Daytona and 02-04 S3 with a 7.8 hp gain over stock on the Daytona.

Available in SS, Carbon, and Ti and supposedly sound a bit deeper than the Zard.

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I can't put my finger on it, but somehow it doesn't look right to me... :-\ YMMV.
Dfib said:
I can't put my finger on it, but somehow it doesn't look right to me... :-\ YMMV.
totally agree dfib, maybe it's the fact that it kinda looks like a long middle finger... :finger:

Thats funny, I had asked Peter about a "gp style" shorty for my bike.. at that time anything that style was N/A so I went with the 1050 can...

it has no shape. just a continuation of the mid-pipe... I understand the costs related to producing these things, and that you can keep costs down by going with a "standard" shape. but maybe a smooth conical shape would be better....

i guess i am thinking a small dunstall with that tapered machined tip??
cheapbastard said:
Dfib said:
I can't put my finger on it, but somehow it doesn't look right to me... :-\ YMMV.
totally agree dfib...
There may be hope for you yet! ;) ;D
Bike bike, small carbon penis... Looks too weird to me. It should be tucked further forward or up higher.
Looks like a thermos flask, two sugars thanks.
I agree too. Looks pretty ugly mounted in that position. Although three of them under the seat maybe with a revised tip.....

I orderd one with a bit of a twist. I love the high mount and undertail look so I had Peter build me a high mount LEFT exit shorty. This should give me the performance plus asthetics that I'm looking for without spending my son's college fund on a undertail. It should arrive late this week or early next week. Can't wait to get it fitted up.
It looks like its missing something. Since when did they start making carbon fiber crayons?
If it was pink, it would look like a dogs cock!!! :twofinger:
i'm not digging it either, and I was so excited when I heard Wolf/Trident was making a low mount.
I wish ChainReaction would bring out an under seat for these older bikes :beer:
Strange - if you read the board (mostly Brits) everyone loves it - in fact we sold about 3 dozen in week 1 just from that board whilst you guys seem to hate it (mostly Yanks) - maybe it's a cultural thing??

There are some pics of the titanium too which look a bit different
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5

Oh and video too [video=youtube;OvXRzvgeBLk][/video]

Let me know what you guys think...
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I dunno Peter, the M4 and the Zard were the same way for me, it might just take a little time to grow on me. I think it's the tip that doesn't do it for me. It does make it look like a thermos like someone else had mentioned. The pics you posted do it more justice though. The sound is great of course.
I like them ones better but do not like the tapered tip.
I think it would have looked a looked a lot better the same circumference the whole way through
I am not a big fan of the shorties, but it is nice to see Trident (Peter) offer more options.
Looks like an uncircumcised penis. Maybe it would look good on a pink S3! :police:
I do love the sound the Wolfs make.. of course Im partial...

maybe I can get a "demo deal" on the new one and give it a good ol American try ????
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I definitely prefer the titanium over the carbon but I too am of the opinion that something just isn't quite right. If the can is going to be that small then I think it might look better more upright with a shorter midpipe (though I wouldn't dare suggest just how you'd achieve that). I like the look of the underbelly cans like Nicky Hayden is sporting but can't see the application on a bike that wasn't built around it. I say give us these cans in an inexpensive undertail application and I'll be in for sure... even though I am by no means unhappy with my current Trident high-mount can!
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